Our Family


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Brud and Pat Soukup

Following college at SUNY Cobleskill, "Brud" returned to the family farm to expand and grow the business.  In 1987, Brud moved out of the dairy and soley started to focus on hay and beef animals. 

Pat Soukup worked as a elementary school teacher at Elm Drive in Millbrook for over 30 years before retiring in 2004. 

Still helping out around the farm, you will spot Brud helping Mark around the farm and Pat helping with tours during our Maple Weekend. Both love to watch to Molly and Emma grow up on the farm, just like Mark did. 


Mark and Jennifer soukup

Mark as a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business from Rochester Institute of Technology.  

Jennifer has a Bachelors degree in Culinary and Service Management from Paul Smiths College.  After college she started making maple syrup and quickly decided to start selling maple syrup full time.

In 2015 Mark left his corporate job to start working on the farm full time with Jennifer. Today they are growing the business, selling hay, maple syrup, and pumpkins.  In the next few years they plan on expanding the business even more with new products and events/ 



Molly and Emma Soukup

Molly loves helping out around the farm.  From chasing Porter the dog around to helping Dada or Pop-Pop operate tractors. 

Emma is still very small but loves watching her older sister Molly help out.